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Opportunities to give to the Lillards to support them and their work in the Czech Republic. If you would like to designate the gift please send a note to that effect. – You can give in multiples of 50, just increase the number in the box. – If you need a tax receipt please use the option through the Church of God below. - Thank you


Giving through our organisation

I am ordained through the Church of God (Cleveland ,TN) and if you would like a tax receipt for your giving this is the best way to send it. Because the COG is so large it would be impossible to handle the directing of your giving without a specific number being assigned to me. They use what is called a project number. I am using a general project number assigned to “Prague project”. Therefore when sending money this way you can do so online by credit card or mail a check or with PAYPAL.

Whether you choose to give by credit card or PayPal, be sure to place this in the “comments section of the form” “for Jerry Lillard “World Missions Project number for Prague #102-1017” Use the link below.

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The outside is progressing


After all these years in the Czech Republic and believing God for 20 years for our own building, two years ago we signed a contract for a building in Prague. God has been faithful, Ulli, I and the whole church are so excited and our hearts are bubbling over with gratitude to the Lord. The location and the facilities have so much potential to reach more people and to have a permanent home for the church. We will remain in the Prague 9 area and be able harvest the seeds we have planted in the last 14 years in this region and who knows maybe we can harvest some of the seeds that you guys planted in Prague as well.

The project before us is raising the additional funds for finishing the building. The church is doing all that it can through various fund raising activities, but we still need help. I am asking you to help us, not with monthly support, But for a one time generous offering to help us finish. If you can pray about it and make a pledge from your church, for a portion of this amount this would be such a blessing for our church and the work here in Prague that would last into the next Generation.

Thank you for being kingdom builders with us and for your love and help.

Love and Blessings

Jerry and Ulli

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