January 2018 Prague-ress Report

A whirlwind of activity on the building front.

Walls going up for one of the Children’s rooms.

Things are moving along with the renovation.
Busy times, deciding windows, doors, floors, tiles, etc.. The roof will be finished this week or beginning of next week (we were held up by bad wet weather.). The walls are going up inside the building, prep for new windows is under way, they are ordered and will be in, in about 6 weeks, also the doors. The electrician begins this week, the air conditioning in about 3 weeks. The heater guy has been holding us up, but we await an offer this weekend and if it is a good one he will begin next week. For the most part things are on schedule. Its beginning to take form, and we can see it finished in our spirits.


Thank you everyone that has given to the “Send the Light to the Cities” Project, because of this project from the Church of God we can move forward with the work at hand. We are hoping to finish strong as we raise the rest of the monies needed during 2018. To facilitate this we are making two trips to the USA this year.


After almost 4 years of hard work, I (Jerry) will be graduating this Spring with a B.S. in Religion and Church Ministries from Liberty University. It has been an extra load to Pastoring, being the COG Overseer of the Czech Republic, searching for buildings, renovation work, and so much more. But Praise God, two more classes and done.

Please consider being a part of the work here by making a donation to our work or to the building project.


Jerry and Ulli Lillard

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