Winter 2018 Report – and an Early Merry Christmas.

In September we finally had our open house for Life Church and the Life Center community center. Many came from the local community to check out what has been happening in the neighborhood for the last two years. All of the immediate neighbors came and people from around the city. The Mayor of Horni Pocernice came and other city officials came as well to see what we offered. There were so many special moments as we served food, led worship in the sanctuary, gave tours of the building and served up a large portion of smiles and information. All in all as we welcomed people in, they welcomed us into their community.
Something wonderful happened during the hourly worship sets, people who had never been in a church setting like ours, sat in the presence of God and many began to weep. They apologized and did not know what was happening. We know that the presence of God touched people that day. Praise God.

In October, I (Jerry) was invited to the North Georgia Ministers meeting to share about the Send the Light to the cities project in Prague.

It was a great time of connecting and getting to know new people. Bishop Tom Madden  promoted Prague as one of the their projects and allowed me to share a few moment about the situation in Prague.

Besides the other projects that the North Georgia Churches were supporting they agreed to get behind the Prague project and help us finish.

Pledges were made and we look forward to all that God will do with this amazing financial help. Thank you North Georgia Churches of God.



In the beginning of November our regional Superintendent Jonathan Augustine organized a team of Hispanic leaders lead by Bishop Fidencio Bergueno to come to Prague and minister in the COG churches. This was the first larger meeting in our new facility by the Church. Because of the prohibitive cost to overnight in Prague, the leaders all agreed it would be better to have an all day, intensive format. That it was, every hour we took a five minute break and continued the next session, with a small break for a quick lunch. Then we continued into the afternoon and then late afternoon, teams of three and four headed out to the local churches to minister the next day in their Sunday services. What an awesome time we had, full of laughter, encouraging words, and prayer for the needs of leaders. The Pastors and leaders that came loved it and say they look forward to the next one.

November 15 2018 Ulli led an awesome Ladies meeting that reached out to many new ladies in the community.

So many courses have begun in the Life Center community center. English courses for all ages, teaching for parents, play groups for Moms and children, and much more.

On a Personal Note


We are thankful for you and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. May the year end in thankfulness and the New Year begin in his Grace and blessings.

Please pray for our health as we are having health challenges. I (Jerry) have had some high blood pressure problems.

Also we will lose our largest supporter in December which brings financial burdens on us to be able to do all that we need to do. Please consider supporting us monthly with a financial gift.

Summer 2018 Prague-ress report

IMG_7411We passed our building inspection.

After much prayer and hard work, we have it. The building has passed the inspection process and we are moving ahead with the rest of the work.

Already two services, and an English Camp, in our new place.

Because of Ulrike’s awesome planning and work, along side of an amazing team, the English Camp was a great success. On the closing night, there were over two-hundred people in attendance. This year we had the largest Day Camp to date. 43 kids and 31 teenagers, plus 20 plus workers. Thanks to those that sponsor kids each year we were able to add a number of kids who would not otherwise been able to come. One highlight was when the kids visited a local Police station, to say thank you and show respect and honor to them. Courage, honor and respect were main themes this year and this was one of the tasks they had to practice. The officers were obviously moved, and excitedly gave the kids a tour of the police car and station. Many kids heard the Good news of Jesus and prayed for the first time in their lives. Sadly, due to the new regulations in the EU, we are not allowed to show the faces of the kids on the internet.

IMG_7492 (1)
But,…you get the idea ­čÖé

Our building project that is being supported by the “send the Light” project is nearing completion and what an excitement we see from those that have attended these first two services. Of course you see the pictures that I posted about the building. We are really busy trying to workout all the details that still need to be done. But not to bore you with all the details, we still need quite a few things to complete this project. A big cost that still needs covering are new chairs. The cost here for nice chairs is insane, but we are confident that this too will be covered. Landscaping, other furnishings, and a list of other things have to be done before we have a grand opening in September.



One area that we need prayer in is a building failure by the contractor that causes the children rooms to retain moisture. The new plaster is wet, and we are believing that these repairs can be done without ripping out the ceilings on the backside of the building. Also, hopefully, no extra costs.

Regardless, God is at work and we have had in the first two services a large number of visitors from the area. This has ignited an excitement in the church, that far outweighs the setbacks.


GA 2018

We are going to our first General Assembly. We fly soon and hope to see many of you there. It will be a nice break from the stress of the last few years.

When we return, we will gear up for the many Life Center (Community center) events for Fall, get ready for a Church Planting Move conference in the beginning of October hosted in our place in Prague, and many other things in winter. God is so good, and keeps us moving ahead with new things.

Thank you

Blessings Jerry and Ulli Lillard


April Prague-ress report – Getting close to the Finish line

So many details to be finished, but it is getting close.

It is a matter of weeks and then the main part of the renovation will be finished. Many things are happening at the same time and we can see it all coming together.

Because of the prayers and financial giving of so many we are nearly able to do all we need to do. As we continue to raise funds this year we are confident that by the end of the year all three phases of this project will be complete. Phase one is the main construction, which is about to be finished.


Phase two is the furnishing of the essentials, kitchen equipment, children’s furniture, cafe furnishings, and so forth and phase three is all the pretty things that make this place special for our guests.

Each day I Jerry go to check on the construction progress and to fine tune the work and I am amazed at the difference a day can make.

Without the Church of God adopting Prague, as one of the “Send the Light to the Cities” everything would have taken much longer and might not have been completed at all. Thank you, to all that have given, and still plan to give, for making this possible. If you would like to help us get to this finish line please give here.

Ulli and I will be in the USA for a month, from the middle of May to the middle of June to make contacts with churches, and visit family. During that time we need to have the building inspection done, so we can move in when we return.When we do return, we will have a couple of weeks to get everything in the building set up for church and the largest english camp we have ever had. Please keep us in your prayers for these things.

IMG_5067I want to close this update with a whole hearted thanks to God for his unwavering faithfulness to us. This year we celebrated 22 years in the Czech Republic, the church turned 20 years old. As we have taken time to reflect on the past and the future, we can only praise God for all that he has allowed us to do and all that he has done. We are living in a season where it seems we are walking into a time of fulfillment of things we have had in our hearts for decades. Excited? Yes, but much more than that, it’s more of a sense of awe at the foreknowledge and grace of our God.

A shout out to all that read this simple update, thank you.


Jerry and Ulli Lillard



November Prague-ress Report

Happy Anniversary to us…

Celebrate with us as we rejoice in 35 years of marriage.

The adventures that we have had together in serving the Lord, and raising 4 kids has been amazing. Looking forward to more exciting times together as God reveals more of his plan for our lives.

The Month of November will be not only a busy month, but a productive one. We had a wonderful visit from Barry Garland, a representative from the North Georgia Churches of God. He was with us last July and came back to reconnect and check on the progress of the “Send the Light to the Cities” Project in Prague. While he was here we did not waste his gifting and put him to work training our worship team on a Saturday Seminar and having him minister the Word on the following Sunday.

Saturday Training

Sunday together with Worship team

The Building Prague-ress

Slower than I expected! That is my impatience speaking. We are so thankful to the Lord for all he has done and is doing to make this happen. This process has tried our patience, but as the scriptures say, “Let patience have it’s perfect work”.

It has been such a long time coming and now the work has begun. But, the first day in, work was halted because ASBESTOS was found around the old sewage pipes. We made arrangements and a few days later work began again at additional costs to remove the contamination and finish the preparation for the plumbers installation work.

Trenches for sewer lines

Getting all the parts together.

After more meetings with contractors and the Architect, we are finalizing the plans for the major areas to begin in the middle of November. Removing part of the roof to elevate it, repair the old roof, floor leveling, heating systems, new walls, electrical wiring, parking lot, insulation work, raising the roof inside the sanctuary, plaster work, and…

Thankful for the supportive visits from the men and women of the Church of God

Regional Superintendent Jonathan Augustine, Barry Garland, Kim and Pricilla Tephabock, Pastors David Smith, Matthew Prince, Blaine and Julie Faircloth, European/Middle East/CIS Field Director, Bishop Stephen Darnell, and Second Assistant General Overseer J. David and Joyce Stephens have all visited and prayed over our project in the last couple of months. This has been an honor to meet and partner with such great men and women of God.

Prayer needs

  • Our project (Wisdom, finances, timetable, etc…)
  • Our Church in Prague during this long transition.
  • Health challenges – Jerry and Ulli
  • Two trips to USA in 2018
  • Increase of personal support.

Thank you

Jerry and Ulli



Let it begin!

 Praise and thanks to the Lord.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 19.57.59

IMG_3239In March 2016 we first looked at this building and it took  almost six months to work though the papers to buy it.

In July 2016 we signed the papers to buy the building in Horni Pocernice, a district in Prague 9, Czech Republic. We began the long tedious process of acquiring the needed permits and after much prayer and patience, we have it in our hands. But we were not inactive either. We sent teams into the building to do most of the demolition work.

Now the adventure of building up a permanent place of worship and ministry can gather steam and move ahead. I want to express a special word of thanks to all of you who have prayed with us for this project. It means a lot and God has truly been moving in our behalf because of it.

Also I want to thank all those that have contributed financially, and continue to do so, so that we can finish strong. I just saw a video clip update that the Church of God world missions posted that included Prague as one of the eleven cities that will receive help to send the light to the cities. Take a look. There is still much to do and we still need a major financial miracle to complete all that the Lord has laid upon our hearts to do here, but we are confident that what the Lord has begun he will finish. You can help us make a difference in the most atheistic nation in Europe. By helping us complete this project and giving us a place to have more effective ministry. The Church will be housed here as well as the community center and the Cafe. Outreach to the community and training of believers will be the focus of what happens here. See Video from Dr. Stephen P. Darnell
Field Director of Europe/Middle East/CIS, Church of God World Missions, USA

There are few ways to do this, you can either send help through the “Send the light to the cities”┬álink, please designate it for Prague as they are still updating the site to include Prague. Or you can give to the “Prague Project” for a more direct route. Finally, if you would like to support Ulli and I personally, we would be thankful for that as well, and you can go here.

The permit is finally in our hands.

Thank you

Jerry and Ulli Lillard

Summer outreach 2017

17458249_10210689027334688_1379721403977594471_nSummer outreach 2017

I cannot believe we already finished our ” Lost Medallion English learning adventure”. ( It usually takes us about 6 months to prepare it, to write the content as well as some of the songs , English work book etc.)
I can still hear the many songs and the voices of the kids, the laughter and joy!
I keep seeing their excited faces as they were leaving every morning to experience the adventure of searching for ” The lost medallion”.
Our awesome team of camp leaders and volunteers is already missing the kids . We know that the kids as well as the camp workers found new friends and we hope to see each other again soon at one of our fun follow up meetings at the beginning of next year.
It was amazing to see the kids joining me for my most important time of the day on Aumakua island. I told them that I always start the day talking to the creator, my Heavenly Father. As I went down on my knees the kids did too and they actually joined me to pray this simple prayer ” Heavenly Father , thank you for creating this beautiful world for us. Thank you for creating me and for loving me! Help me to know you and help me to be kind to others.” Most of the kids attending our camps have no Christian background ,no biblical foundation. Prayer and relating to God is very new to them. So this was a big deal! No one made fun of it. On the last day we even prayed together for lost items to be found . 2 kids had lost their Mobil phones on the way and were very sad. Imagine the joy and wonder, that our prayer was actually answered and the phones were returned to them ! In Prague that is a huge miracle!
As we searched each day for the ” Lost medallion” , we discovered that we are all created equal, everyone is important; that we are stronger together ; that a true king serves others and that we are children of the King.
In the end the kids understood , that their heart is the medallion and Jesus is the stone which fits perfectly in the middle of it .
We heard of great conversations and questions about God during the group times.
One of my biggest joys was to have some boys at the camp that I taught English in our kids clubs ,when they were only 3 years old. I watched ,as they walked around each day singing songs about Jesus. I believe that the seeds sown in their hearts will grow.
For some kids ,who are teenagers today, it took many years of kids camps and kids clubs and youth group until they received Jesus.
We also had some kids come from Horni Pocernice , Prague 20, where our new church building will be. This was a great first introduction into our new community.

We are so close to getting our final building permit so we can start with the major reconstruction of the place. We can’t wait to see it finished . Part of the building will be used for our community outreach center ( Life center ) and our Life cafe. See how you can help.
We are working on our new website and and the program at this time.

Thank you for believing with us for everything to be done in time for us to move into the building by the end of December , beginning of January . Our ” Boiler room” at the school were we are meeting is getting really crowed.

I am adding some pictures from the camp so you can get an impression of what we do to reach the next generations for Jesus in one of the most atheistic nations in Europe.
Also some pics of our building in its current state.


Thank you for praying for us and for supporting us.
Jerry and Ulli Lillard

Replacing our website



We have canceled our website hosting and moved to WordPress. We have decided to use WordPress for our updates in the future.

Please pray as we are about to finally get our building permits on the 10th of October 2017, and we will begin the renovation of the building.

We would still welcome your partnership in financing the renovation of the building. If you would like to give, go to the Support and Projects page.

Thank you for all you do.

Jerry and Ulli Lillard

Next issue – Summer Outreach 2017


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