Jerry and Ulli Lillard


Jerry Lillard Bishop

Jerry Lillard is a Church planter and a leader of leaders, he is 61years old and is married to Ulrike and they have four Children and 11 grandchildren. He is presently an Ordained Bishop in the Church of God, a Missionary, a Pastor in Prague, Czech Republic, Overseer of the Church of God in the Czech Republic and Bishop of the New Hope Churches in the Czech Republic. He is also on the council for the region of over 10 countries. He has been in full-time ministry for the last 34 years

Pastor Ulrike Lillard

Ulrike married Jerry in Germany and has been at Jerry’s side since the beginning of their ministry in Europe. Together they planted and Pastored a Church in Germany before coming to the Czech Republic in 1996. She is on the worship team, the Pastoral team, and oversees many other ministry areas. Ulrike helps minister to the women throughout the country and region. She is the director of the community center, “The Life Center” and is responsible for developing all the programs. Her creativity in the programs that reach families and children has been a major key to our outreach emphasis.

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