Winter 2018 Report – and an Early Merry Christmas.

In September we finally had our open house for Life Church and the Life Center community center. Many came from the local community to check out what has been happening in the neighborhood for the last two years. All of the immediate neighbors came and people from around the city. The Mayor of Horni Pocernice came and other city officials came as well to see what we offered. There were so many special moments as we served food, led worship in the sanctuary, gave tours of the building and served up a large portion of smiles and information. All in all as we welcomed people in, they welcomed us into their community.
Something wonderful happened during the hourly worship sets, people who had never been in a church setting like ours, sat in the presence of God and many began to weep. They apologized and did not know what was happening. We know that the presence of God touched people that day. Praise God.

In October, I (Jerry) was invited to the North Georgia Ministers meeting to share about the Send the Light to the cities project in Prague.

It was a great time of connecting and getting to know new people. Bishop Tom Madden  promoted Prague as one of the their projects and allowed me to share a few moment about the situation in Prague.

Besides the other projects that the North Georgia Churches were supporting they agreed to get behind the Prague project and help us finish.

Pledges were made and we look forward to all that God will do with this amazing financial help. Thank you North Georgia Churches of God.



In the beginning of November our regional Superintendent Jonathan Augustine organized a team of Hispanic leaders lead by Bishop Fidencio Bergueno to come to Prague and minister in the COG churches. This was the first larger meeting in our new facility by the Church. Because of the prohibitive cost to overnight in Prague, the leaders all agreed it would be better to have an all day, intensive format. That it was, every hour we took a five minute break and continued the next session, with a small break for a quick lunch. Then we continued into the afternoon and then late afternoon, teams of three and four headed out to the local churches to minister the next day in their Sunday services. What an awesome time we had, full of laughter, encouraging words, and prayer for the needs of leaders. The Pastors and leaders that came loved it and say they look forward to the next one.

November 15 2018 Ulli led an awesome Ladies meeting that reached out to many new ladies in the community.

So many courses have begun in the Life Center community center. English courses for all ages, teaching for parents, play groups for Moms and children, and much more.

On a Personal Note


We are thankful for you and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. May the year end in thankfulness and the New Year begin in his Grace and blessings.

Please pray for our health as we are having health challenges. I (Jerry) have had some high blood pressure problems.

Also we will lose our largest supporter in December which brings financial burdens on us to be able to do all that we need to do. Please consider supporting us monthly with a financial gift.

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