Summer 2018 Prague-ress report

IMG_7411We passed our building inspection.

After much prayer and hard work, we have it. The building has passed the inspection process and we are moving ahead with the rest of the work.

Already two services, and an English Camp, in our new place.

Because of Ulrike’s awesome planning and work, along side of an amazing team, the English Camp was a great success. On the closing night, there were over two-hundred people in attendance. This year we had the largest Day Camp to date. 43 kids and 31 teenagers, plus 20 plus workers. Thanks to those that sponsor kids each year we were able to add a number of kids who would not otherwise been able to come. One highlight was when the kids visited a local Police station, to say thank you and show respect and honor to them. Courage, honor and respect were main themes this year and this was one of the tasks they had to practice. The officers were obviously moved, and excitedly gave the kids a tour of the police car and station. Many kids heard the Good news of Jesus and prayed for the first time in their lives. Sadly, due to the new regulations in the EU, we are not allowed to show the faces of the kids on the internet.

IMG_7492 (1)
But,…you get the idea 🙂

Our building project that is being supported by the “send the Light” project is nearing completion and what an excitement we see from those that have attended these first two services. Of course you see the pictures that I posted about the building. We are really busy trying to workout all the details that still need to be done. But not to bore you with all the details, we still need quite a few things to complete this project. A big cost that still needs covering are new chairs. The cost here for nice chairs is insane, but we are confident that this too will be covered. Landscaping, other furnishings, and a list of other things have to be done before we have a grand opening in September.



One area that we need prayer in is a building failure by the contractor that causes the children rooms to retain moisture. The new plaster is wet, and we are believing that these repairs can be done without ripping out the ceilings on the backside of the building. Also, hopefully, no extra costs.

Regardless, God is at work and we have had in the first two services a large number of visitors from the area. This has ignited an excitement in the church, that far outweighs the setbacks.


GA 2018

We are going to our first General Assembly. We fly soon and hope to see many of you there. It will be a nice break from the stress of the last few years.

When we return, we will gear up for the many Life Center (Community center) events for Fall, get ready for a Church Planting Move conference in the beginning of October hosted in our place in Prague, and many other things in winter. God is so good, and keeps us moving ahead with new things.

Thank you

Blessings Jerry and Ulli Lillard


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