April Prague-ress report – Getting close to the Finish line

So many details to be finished, but it is getting close.

It is a matter of weeks and then the main part of the renovation will be finished. Many things are happening at the same time and we can see it all coming together.

Because of the prayers and financial giving of so many we are nearly able to do all we need to do. As we continue to raise funds this year we are confident that by the end of the year all three phases of this project will be complete. Phase one is the main construction, which is about to be finished.


Phase two is the furnishing of the essentials, kitchen equipment, children’s furniture, cafe furnishings, and so forth and phase three is all the pretty things that make this place special for our guests.

Each day I Jerry go to check on the construction progress and to fine tune the work and I am amazed at the difference a day can make.

Without the Church of God adopting Prague, as one of the “Send the Light to the Cities” everything would have taken much longer and might not have been completed at all. Thank you, to all that have given, and still plan to give, for making this possible. If you would like to help us get to this finish line please give here.

Ulli and I will be in the USA for a month, from the middle of May to the middle of June to make contacts with churches, and visit family. During that time we need to have the building inspection done, so we can move in when we return.When we do return, we will have a couple of weeks to get everything in the building set up for church and the largest english camp we have ever had. Please keep us in your prayers for these things.

IMG_5067I want to close this update with a whole hearted thanks to God for his unwavering faithfulness to us. This year we celebrated 22 years in the Czech Republic, the church turned 20 years old. As we have taken time to reflect on the past and the future, we can only praise God for all that he has allowed us to do and all that he has done. We are living in a season where it seems we are walking into a time of fulfillment of things we have had in our hearts for decades. Excited? Yes, but much more than that, it’s more of a sense of awe at the foreknowledge and grace of our God.

A shout out to all that read this simple update, thank you.


Jerry and Ulli Lillard



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