November Prague-ress Report

Happy Anniversary to us…

Celebrate with us as we rejoice in 35 years of marriage.

The adventures that we have had together in serving the Lord, and raising 4 kids has been amazing. Looking forward to more exciting times together as God reveals more of his plan for our lives.

The Month of November will be not only a busy month, but a productive one. We had a wonderful visit from Barry Garland, a representative from the North Georgia Churches of God. He was with us last July and came back to reconnect and check on the progress of the “Send the Light to the Cities” Project in Prague. While he was here we did not waste his gifting and put him to work training our worship team on a Saturday Seminar and having him minister the Word on the following Sunday.

Saturday Training
Sunday together with Worship team

The Building Prague-ress

Slower than I expected! That is my impatience speaking. We are so thankful to the Lord for all he has done and is doing to make this happen. This process has tried our patience, but as the scriptures say, “Let patience have it’s perfect work”.

It has been such a long time coming and now the work has begun. But, the first day in, work was halted because ASBESTOS was found around the old sewage pipes. We made arrangements and a few days later work began again at additional costs to remove the contamination and finish the preparation for the plumbers installation work.

Trenches for sewer lines
Getting all the parts together.

After more meetings with contractors and the Architect, we are finalizing the plans for the major areas to begin in the middle of November. Removing part of the roof to elevate it, repair the old roof, floor leveling, heating systems, new walls, electrical wiring, parking lot, insulation work, raising the roof inside the sanctuary, plaster work, and…

Thankful for the supportive visits from the men and women of the Church of God

Regional Superintendent Jonathan Augustine, Barry Garland, Kim and Pricilla Tephabock, Pastors David Smith, Matthew Prince, Blaine and Julie Faircloth, European/Middle East/CIS Field Director, Bishop Stephen Darnell, and Second Assistant General Overseer J. David and Joyce Stephens have all visited and prayed over our project in the last couple of months. This has been an honor to meet and partner with such great men and women of God.

Prayer needs

  • Our project (Wisdom, finances, timetable, etc…)
  • Our Church in Prague during this long transition.
  • Health challenges – Jerry and Ulli
  • Two trips to USA in 2018
  • Increase of personal support.

Thank you

Jerry and Ulli



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