Summer outreach 2017

17458249_10210689027334688_1379721403977594471_nSummer outreach 2017

I cannot believe we already finished our ” Lost Medallion English learning adventure”. ( It usually takes us about 6 months to prepare it, to write the content as well as some of the songs , English work book etc.)
I can still hear the many songs and the voices of the kids, the laughter and joy!
I keep seeing their excited faces as they were leaving every morning to experience the adventure of searching for ” The lost medallion”.
Our awesome team of camp leaders and volunteers is already missing the kids . We know that the kids as well as the camp workers found new friends and we hope to see each other again soon at one of our fun follow up meetings at the beginning of next year.
It was amazing to see the kids joining me for my most important time of the day on Aumakua island. I told them that I always start the day talking to the creator, my Heavenly Father. As I went down on my knees the kids did too and they actually joined me to pray this simple prayer ” Heavenly Father , thank you for creating this beautiful world for us. Thank you for creating me and for loving me! Help me to know you and help me to be kind to others.” Most of the kids attending our camps have no Christian background ,no biblical foundation. Prayer and relating to God is very new to them. So this was a big deal! No one made fun of it. On the last day we even prayed together for lost items to be found . 2 kids had lost their Mobil phones on the way and were very sad. Imagine the joy and wonder, that our prayer was actually answered and the phones were returned to them ! In Prague that is a huge miracle!
As we searched each day for the ” Lost medallion” , we discovered that we are all created equal, everyone is important; that we are stronger together ; that a true king serves others and that we are children of the King.
In the end the kids understood , that their heart is the medallion and Jesus is the stone which fits perfectly in the middle of it .
We heard of great conversations and questions about God during the group times.
One of my biggest joys was to have some boys at the camp that I taught English in our kids clubs ,when they were only 3 years old. I watched ,as they walked around each day singing songs about Jesus. I believe that the seeds sown in their hearts will grow.
For some kids ,who are teenagers today, it took many years of kids camps and kids clubs and youth group until they received Jesus.
We also had some kids come from Horni Pocernice , Prague 20, where our new church building will be. This was a great first introduction into our new community.

We are so close to getting our final building permit so we can start with the major reconstruction of the place. We can’t wait to see it finished . Part of the building will be used for our community outreach center ( Life center ) and our Life cafe. See how you can help.
We are working on our new website and and the program at this time.

Thank you for believing with us for everything to be done in time for us to move into the building by the end of December , beginning of January . Our ” Boiler room” at the school were we are meeting is getting really crowed.

I am adding some pictures from the camp so you can get an impression of what we do to reach the next generations for Jesus in one of the most atheistic nations in Europe.
Also some pics of our building in its current state.


Thank you for praying for us and for supporting us.
Jerry and Ulli Lillard

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